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The Legacy of the Euro-Méditerranée.

Jeff Koon's "Popeye" on display at the Wynn Las Vegas

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Teaching in the Foundation Year Programme at the University of King's College in Halifax is an honour. 

We get the best students: they continually inspire me. 

This website reflects my life-long association with both King's and FYP.

About Fake or Facsimile

In the Fake or Facsimile Series we analyze the terminology of the artificial, counterfeit, fake, knock-off, mock, pastiche, replica, reproduction and substitute.  The organizing principle is how these terms are related to one another when sorting out questions of both appropriation and authenticity.  In an age dominated by “virtual reality”, this Series explores these topics as they appear variously in:

  • Cinema
  • Epic
  • Fashion
  • Gallery
  • Museum

  • Music
  • Restoration
  • Theatre
  • Translation

Meet Tom Curran


Dr Thomas Curran is Associate Professor of Humanities at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Tom is always interested in exploring how modern popular culture and practices can be informed (and reformulated) by reference to the great philosophical and literary tradition that we have inherited from the ancient Greeks.

For more information about the University of King’s College and the Foundation Year Programme, please visit:

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