Dr Thomas Curran is Associate Professor of Humanities at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  At King’s, he serves as Chair of Faculty and Clerk of Convocation. 

His chief research interest has always been early 19th-century German philosophy, with a particular emphasis on Hegel’s lectures on the philosophy of religion at the University of Berlin. More recently, his emphasis has shifted to questions of “intertextuality” in Dante’s Divine Comedy — that is, how Dante uses (and transforms) his great precursors (Aristotle, Vergil, St Thomas Aquinas) both to shape his epic poem and to give it a distinctive structure.

Tom is always interested in exploring how modern popular culture and practices can be informed (and reformulated) by reference to the great philosophical and literary tradition that we have inherited from the ancient Greeks.

His latest project is Fake or Facsimile.

For more information about the University of King’s College and the Foundation Year Programme, please visit: http://www.ukings.ca

Through his interest in the intersection of technology and pop culture, Tom co-Founded Play the Field™.