The great virtue of FYP is that it offers our students the opportunity of embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage, where they immerse themselves in the eternal questions of death, judgment, heaven and hell.

– Tom Curran


FYP Texts originally appeared in Tidings magazine, published on behalf of the University of King’s College Alumni Association.

Winter 2014 – Sibyl, T.S. Eliot & Dante

Summer 2013 – Sacred Ballots

Winter 2009 – “To sue to live…”

Winter 2007/2008 – “Antigone: Lady of Situations”

Winter 2006/2007 – “…nec, nate, tibi comes ire recuso”

Summer 2006 – Lost in Translation

Fall/Winter 2005/2006 – The Sacred Poetry of the Book of Job 

Summer 2005 – Egypt’s Sweet Hereafter 

Spring 2005 – The Epic of Gilgamesh: a work of archaeological reconstruction